My novels

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Abu Nuwas, the decadent, drunken poet, has a secret: he is a reluctant spy and assassin for the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. His adventures across the early mediaeval world are related by his loyal companion, Ismail the Storyteller.

Published by Dedalus Books.

“If you like your historical fiction full of action, intelligent and well researched, then you’ll be captivated” The Bookseller

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Around Asia

During our time in China we tried to see as much of east and south-east Asia as we could. Although we were travelling with our children, we had more than a few adventures! Click here to find out more; I hope these articles will be particularly helpful for other families discovering the region with kids.


Around China

Living in China from 2015 to 2020, we took the opportunity to explore this complex and fascinating land. I documented some of these travels for beijingkids. Click here to read more.


Education & Health

From 2016-2020 I worked as Senior Editor at beijingkids magazine. It’s a lifestyle magazine with a generally upbeat tone, aimed at international families living in China’s capital. However we occasionally tackled more serious issues. Click here to see some of the articles of which I am most proud.

Humour and Opinion

For foreigners living in China there’s plenty of humour to be found in everyday cultural and linguistic misunderstandings. I wrote regular humorous columns for both The Beijinger and beijingkids, and a couple of pieces for Global Times. Click here to see samples.


DJ Spidermonkey

I play mainly indie, punk/ new wave, psychedelia, glam & garage rock, interspersed with hip hop and electronica, and if I feel like it, disco, exotica, easy listening, folk, funk or anything else that seems to fit. As half of Upside Down DJs I was one of Birmingham’s last all-vinyl alternative DJs, but now I use files too. I’m currently looking for opportunities in Kampala.