Journalism: Humour & Opinion

In China I wrote regular humorous columns for both The Beijinger and beijingkids. I also wrote a couple of columns for Global Times, and was proud to get a mention of the Cultural Revolution into one which was not removed by the censor. Sadly though it seems to have subsequently been taken down from the website.

"Wo Ting Bu Dong: Survival Chinese for the Terrified"

One of the first pieces I wrote for beijingkids is an ironic take on my culture shock and struggles with the language on first arriving in China.

beijingkids, January 2016
"Friday Talking Point: All Homework and No Play"

China has a strong educational culture, but with a deeply embedded belief that the more homework a child does, the better. This is one of several pieces I wrote challenging this idea, and arguing for the importance of play.

beijingkids March 2018
"How to Be Loved by Everyone Everywhere"

As well as working for beijingkids, I wrote a regular column for The Beijinger. Called "Rear View" as it was the back page, it took a sideways look at the theme for that issue. My first column, for the travel issue, caused some controversy as not everyone got the joke, as you'll see from the comments...

The Beijinger, November 2016
"Testin’ Times on Beijing's Rules of the Road"

Another Rear View column, this time considering the quirks of driving in China.

The Beijinger, October 2017
"Musings When It Rains Mao and Gou"

Torrential rains and flooding in Beijing prompted this piece, pondering cultural and linguistic differences in attitudes to rain.

The Beijinger, July 2016